How To Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner

Prior to the arrival of spring and the warmer weather that accompanies it, there’s a problem that many people overlook — namely, giving their central air conditioner a clean. Lots of homeowners have no idea how to do this, so these people are the main audience for this article. Over the following paragraphs, we will offer some guidance concerning air conditioner cleaning and maintenance. Firstly though, let us quickly explain the reasons why you ought to keep your air conditioner clean.

Why A Clean Air Conditioner is Beneficial

An air conditioner is built to circulate cool air through your home. As with other technological devices, it is vital to maintain it. If it is not used for a number of months over the winter, it might malfunction, so this is why you should test it prior to using it in the summer and spring. This problem should be taken seriously because looking after your air conditioner will save you money and time, and prevent it from causing you headaches.

Before we cover how to give your air conditioner a clean, it is important to understand why this is necessary. To boost the lifespan of the appliance and make your living space comfortable in the future, you have to maintain your air conditioning unit every now and then. You should hire a professional engineer to visit your property and inspect your unit, to identify minor problems that might have been undetected for a few years. For example, if you book an engineer to clean and repair problems in your device, it will cost roughly $100 to $150. Think about what would happen if you did not clean your air conditioning unit, and some refrigerant leaked out as a result. This is something to avoid.

If you fail to repair it immediately, a small refrigerant leak can become a huge issue, because it will gradually damage the air conditioner’s compressor. This will cost over $1000 to repair. It is crucial to clean the air conditioner’s central unit before the problem gets too big because if you delay until damage occurs, there’s no simple way to resolve this. Moreover, you are risking your cash and the comfort of your loved ones, by neglecting some straightforward maintenance tasks.

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner to Prevent Issues

The majority of air conditioners have a couple of components. There is the outdoor part that consists of the heat condenser and air compressor, usually situated close to your property. Also, there is an indoor component known as the evaporator, which is situated close to the furnace in your home. The information that follows will explain how to give these separate air conditioning units a clean. Let us begin with the outdoor unit. There’s some equipment that you require, prior to cleaning this.

A coil cleaner is the first thing you need. You also need a hoover with a soft brush fixed to it and a water hose. In addition, you will require clothes, gloves, and headgear for eye protection. Before you start to clean, you should turn off your thermostat. Next, you should find where to disconnect the electricity. This air conditioner part can be located on the outer wall of the appliance. Once you have found it, open it then switch the unit off. You should pull out the plug to avoid electrocuting yourself. Take care while doing this, and wear gloves. After this, you can clear any debris and dust from the outdoor air conditioning unit.

Attempt to hoover the appliance, without bending any of its’ fins. Inevitably, there will be lots of grass, leaves, and dust to get rid of. You can use the water hose to do this effectively. Then, spray the coil cleaner on the outdoor air conditioning unit. You can give it a good wash with the water hose too. These tasks will allow you to maintain the outdoor component of your air conditioner. Be sure to follow this advice and clean the outdoor component of your air conditioner once per year. This way, you will not experience any problems with your appliance when you need it most, during the summer.

How to Clean the Indoor Unit

Let us now turn our attention to the air conditioner’s indoor unit. Prior to commencing these cleaning tasks, ensure that you switch off your unit. The equipment to clean the central air conditioner’s indoor unit is the water spray, air-con bag, and coil cleaner. The initial task is to place the air con bag into the lower area of the unit. Prise the front cover open carefully, then begin to remove the air filters.

Once the filters are removed, you should wash these in water then put them to one side so that they can dry. Next, use the water hose to spray the rotary blades and put these to one side as well. Once you have done this, turn your air conditioner off and wait for the water to collect in the air con bag from the inside of the appliance.

How Frequently You Should Clean Your Central Air Conditioner

If an air conditioner is installed in your home, you need it to function properly to cool the air temperature during the summer. As already stated, maintenance is vital to prolonging the lifespan of your unit. If you can not clean it yourself, hire an engineer to do this for you. Another key point is to understand the timeframe for doing the cleaning. Ideally, you should clean and maintain your air conditioner every six months. This way, the appliance will run more efficiently and effectively.

Dust and debris can disrupt the filtration system. If this happens, the appliance will struggle to intake air and will emit less cool air from its’ fans. Be sure to prevent this, by stopping a layer of dust and debris from forming in your air conditioner’s central unit.